Not Your Average Tavern


Dwarf Farm | Arathi Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms

Requires flying?: No. There is a path from Ironforge Mountain; the route is detailed here. A second ‘footpath’ from Thandol Span is detailed here. (However, flying may be the easiest way to get here.)

Requires a faction?: No.

Requires summoning for lower levels?: No.

Affected by phasing/requires quests?: Not as far as we know, but information on this particular location is little to none.

Nearby NPCs: Several Horde-hostile Dwarven Farmer NPCs; they are level 15, but will flag for PVP if killed. There are also critters such as rats and rams (in the stable).

Coordinates: 87, 73

Description: A charming dwarven farm, with two plowed fields, a round stable, and a subterranean dwarven house. The owners of the house have refined taste in art

Note - visitors may notice a fleet of ships at a flyable distance from this location. Don’t go to those ships. They’ll fatigue you and you’ll die.

Ask us how we know.